The findings of the largest, multi-center, longitudinal tau PET study conducted to date provide further support for the use of
tau PET imaging as a tool for predicting and diagnosing dementia.

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Welcome to the blog of the Memory and Aging Program (MAP) at Butler Hospital. We are a world leader in Alzheimer’s research and a local Rhode Island partner in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. To learn more about our research and how to get involved, visit

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Worried about your memory? Have this “physical” for the brain.

Worried about your memory? Have this “physical” for the brain.

Did you know there's such a thing as a physical for your brain? Athene Lee, PhD, assistant professor in psychiatry and human behavior and researcher at the Memory and Aging Program at Butler Hospital, explains what it is and how it can help if you're concerned about...

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If you’re aged 40 to 85 and are an individual with normal memory, some memory decline, or mild dementia, you can help in the development of breakthrough tests and treatments for Alzheimer’s. Take just a few moments to enroll in our Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry, a tool that allows us to match up individuals interested in participating in research with studies for which they may qualify – either now or in the future.

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