The May 28, 2019 edition of Chronicle on WCVB 5 featured our incredible Memory and Aging Program participants and a look at how we’re working together to win the battle against Alzheimer’s by finding effective treatments and prevention. See their inspiring stories and why there’s hope on the horizon in the clips below. 

If you’re 40+ with normal memory or mild memory loss, you can help us in this fight. Here’s how: 


Joining the Citizen Army

Chronicle’s Anthony Everett takes us inside Butler Hospital, one of the top Alzheimer’s research centers in the world.

video thumbnail: Joining the Citizen Army










Advancements in Diagnosing Alzheimer’s

A genetic test revealed that Dave Kalberer carried the markers for Alzheimer’s. He is now enrolled in a clinical trial through the Memory and Aging Program at Butler Hospital.

video thumbnail: Advancements in Diagnosing Alzheimer's












Battling Increasing Alzheimer’s Rates

Anthony Everett reports on a billion-dollar effort underway to find breakthrough treatments in the next decade.

video thumbnail: Battling Increasing Alzheimer's Rates












Family and Friends Turned Caregivers

Alzheimer’s disease is a relentless force, stealing patients’ dignity and emotionally exhausting their families, caregivers and friends. How do we fight back?

video thumbnail: Family and Friends Turned Caregivers












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